Tough in any arena


Cassius has been created by combining two new fibres which has produced a tough and high resistance fabric. A wide range of colours are available which help make an absolutely innovative and fashionable product. It, in fact guarantees optimum resistance even in the most extreme conditions while maintaining a soft handle and ease of cleaning. Cassius has been tested at the internationally recognised Mobellaboratoriet in Norway and has achieved a Martindale result of over 400,000 rubs. In achieving this performance it can be used for the most severe contract and domestic use.


Ease of cleaning

At 760 gms per linear meter Cassius is a heavy fabric but not only does it retain a soft handle, it is also easy to clean being fully machine washable and in most cases spot cleanable.


Spot cleaning

Treat spills and stains as soon as possible. This will enable stain to be removed easier. Gently scrape any soil from Cassius or if required gently dab any liquid from the surface with a warm soapy cloth. Do not rub surface vigorously as this may damage direction of the pile on fabric. Blot dry with a clean towel and dry area as quickly as possible. (eg hairdryer on low heat)


Colour and contrast

Cassius is available in 21 fashion colours that can be mixed and matched to achieve great contrasting and complimentary effects.It gives a sandblasted look and there is no end to the possible uses. It is affordable and suitable for not only the heaviest domestic use but for contract applications in cinemas, restaurants and hotels.


Green manufacturing

Marco cares for the environment and Cassius complies with the requisites for the protection and respect of the environment. The dyes used do not contain noxious or toxic substances.  Emissions into the atmosphere are constantly monitored and kept under control by a fumereducing machine. The finishing products used, do not contain FTOH and are free from pollutants.